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Berirouche Feddal

Bio : Born in 1996 in Rouiba (AL), Berirouche Feddal lives and works in Montreal (CA) He reflects on the possibilities of art as an experience and a tool of awareness, but also as a means of action and a vector of resistance.

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Berirouche Feddal

Berirouche Feddal

Berirouche Feddal: la couleur est partout

Les œuvres de Berirouche Feddal exposées à la Maison du Conseil : Spoliation du souk

In Conversation with artist Berirouche Feddal


Berirouche Feddal

Berirouche has been able to transcend boundaries and connect with audiences from all walks of life. Invited to speak at events and conferences throughout Canada, he has shared his experiences and knowledge with other players in the field of art. As a Kabyle artist navigating multiple territories and diasporas, Berirouche constantly questions the role of the artist in representing and empowering his community and cultural heritage.

As an invited artist at UQAM, Berirouche presented his painting practice and its impact on art history. He also presented at Maison des Arts de Laval on the theme of nationalism and patriotism in Adorer le Veau d'or. In 2022, he spoke at Concordia Alumni Association's Artist Talk and during Cégep Saint-Hyacinthe's Semaine des arts. In 2021, he was interviewed on Centre-ville Montreal radio and appeared in a Fabrique Culturelle video. That same year, he presented at UQAM on the foundations, theories, and approaches to art with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi and was invited to speak at Collège Bois-de-Boulogne's Department of Visual Arts. Berirouche was also interviewed by Centre d'exposition L'Imagier and participated in a panel discussion on creation and mental health at Dr. Leon Tourian. These experiences have enabled him to expand his knowledge and expertise in the field of art, and he is excited to continue to share his passion and ideas with others. As a Kabyle artist navigating multiple territories and diasporas, one cannot help but wonder: How can artists be guardians of their community and cultural heritage while exploring innovative forms of expression and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art? What is their responsibility to their past, present, and future? These questions invite deeper reflection on the role and mission of the artist in society, as well as on how their work can have a significant impact on the communities and cultures to which they belong.

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